What it means to bless somebody

It just dawned on me recently that I had never really thought about the meaning of the word 'bless'. that when you are blessing another person, what you're really doing is the opposite of cursing.

It's not just something gods and angels do, but people can do it too. And the way you do it is to look at someone and do the opposite of what you'd do to harm them: Try to help them. NOT save them, mind you, just provide some comfort and letting them know they are loved.

Which is to say, have a conversation with them. REALLY listen to what they're afraid of or hurt by, and then instead of exploiting it or saying something that cuts them to the core, you say the thing to them that is both truthful and uplifting.

It's not easy. At first, you might come across creepy or suspicious because it may not be natural, but with some practice and effort. Example: two nights ago I was working late and took a Lyft home. The driver told me he was working to become a voiceover actor in video games. So we chatted about games and other stuff and then as I was getting ready to leave, I told him I hoped to play a game someday with characters in it that he voiced.

Nothing incredible. Maybe he’s already forgotten it. 

But what if he hasn’t? What if he went on to make something truly outstanding. And what if you I had played even a tiny part in making my next favorite game? 

Imagine if you got really good at it. You could become known as the guy who knows precisely just what to say in every situation. And that's a good guy to have around. People are genuinely appreciative of his existence. He is a hero who provides comfort in times of chaos.

Imagine if we did more of that for other people. If we blessed people who are sad, hurt or scared with hugs, really listened to and comforted our spouses and our elders, treated fast food attendants like they were human beings, etc. And if everybody did that then we would suffer a whole lot less because the world would literally be a blessed place.

Happy New Year and have a blessed 2018 everyone!