slaughterloft header.jpg

this halloween, slaughterloft kills

Talented comedians Travis Harrington and Brett McCabe have a monthly comedy show supporting local talent called Slaughterloft. Being a new show in a sea of LA comedy shows, we needed something iconic and provocative that would tell a story but also leave viewers wanting to know more.

Given that this was happening in October, it was seasonally-appropriate to take the "slaughterhouse" name literally. Letting the animals be cruel to humans played well to our audience and the twisted brand of humor the show embodies.

With time and budget being extremely tight, I had to find an illustrator who could make changes immediately and had a basic proficiency in the style that I wanted. Me.

Using their Facebook photos as reference, I recreated their expressions and figures out of modeling clay.

The figurines were then shot in a 'micro-studio' (aka a cardboard box), with new backgrounds and effects added after the fact. All in all it was a fun project for a good cause and the clients were beyond happy with the results. The perfect passion project.