Tommy John Loses Their Shirts

It was the holidays, aka the most cluttered time of the year, and premium men's underwear startup Tommy John needed to stand out on a minimal marketing budget. So we decided to put a stop to an underwear double standard. If women are expected to look pristine down to their skivvies, then men shouldn't be allowed to get away with their ratty old briefs either.

Tommy John also released enticing teasers and pics across social media.

Those who took the bait were driven to a site where they could expose guilty men on social media in an exchange for an underwear upgrade.

Because no holiday would be complete without presents, we sent specially-wrapped care packages to the shows our target's favorite shows. Howard Stern alone generated over $66,000 in sales.

Then the press noticed. Many exchanged their own long johns for Tommy John and ran with our story.  In total we netted over 330 million earned media impressions.

Good Lord, this Tommy John underwear! I feel so sexy and free in it right now.

- Howard Stern


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